Speedbumps and the Vassa

From Tahn Pamutto: “One of my root teachers, Luang Por Pasanno, once famously exclaimed, “It’s illegal to live simply in ...
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Finding Our Center

Last night during the tea time another perennial question came up – how are we supposed to relate to the ...
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Three Refuges and Eight Precepts

Leader: Yam ahaṃ vadāmi taṃ vadetha. Community: Āma Bhante* Leader: Namo tassa Bhagavato arahato sammā‧sambuddhassa. Community: Namo tassa Bhagavato arahato sammā‧sambuddhassa ...
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Practice with Family

At times it feels like there are two different narratives going on around spiritual practice - the clear, direct, meditative ...
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Unproductive Kammax by LR


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