Combined Programs Wednesday

This Wednesday, Tea Time and the Uposatha will overlap.  Both programs will be held, with an informal chat beginning at 7pm EST.  Meditation will be from 8pm-8:45pm, followed by refuges and precepts, then a reflection on dhamma.

Come for all or part!

Daily Sittings and Dana

Tahn Pamutto has returned to residence in Shelburne, MA, where he has plans to be for much of the summer.  This means that daily sittings will resume every weekday at the Shelburne location not far from Dhammadhara Vipassana Center.  It also means he will be easy to find and largely relying on pre-arranged alms offerings.  If you are interested in being part of offering a meal, please see the page Sangha –

Every morning Mon-Fri, 6am, there will be a one hour meditation followed by about 15 minutes of chanting.  In addition, there will be programs in the evening, either a one hour sitting at 7:15pm or the Wednesday or Uposatha hybrid online programs.  If you’d like to be kept up to date about these sittings, email [email protected]

Some Programs Cancelled

Some upcoming programs will be cancelled because no host was found – the Uposatha on May 16 and the Wednesday Tea on the 18th.

The Lay Sangha Chat will still happen as usual, and Tahn Pamutto will definitely be back for the following tea program on the 25th and the Uposatha on the 30th.

Upcoming Retreat

Next week, from Sat, Feb 19 until Sat, Feb 26th, we’ll be having a full retreat schedule here at the Shelburne, MA apartment.  It will begin at 6am with morning puja and conclude with an evening sit.  During the day there will be regular times for group meditation as well as scheduled breaks.  There may be talks or reflections given which can be recorded.

If you live in the area and would like to participate in some capacity, send an email to [email protected] for more information.

New Moon, New Year

Happy New Year!  Today is both the Uposatha and the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Tiger.  As we usually do on the New and Full Moons, we’ll be having our Uposatha program in a few hours, at 8pm EST, in the Upavana Zoom Meeting.

See you there!