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Dhammapalooza every Monday 8-10pm EST

Join Bhante Jayasara and guests on the ‘Students of the Path’ YouTube channel every Monday for a two-hour session of chanting, dhamma reflection, Q & A, and meditation. Every session is broadcast live on YouTube – sign in to join the chat.

This week’s session included Bhante Pamutto, with a reading of the Kosambiya Sutta and a guided meditation on Metta.

Part 1

Part 2


Sacca Parami: Truthfulness

See Bhante Pamutto and Bhante Jarasara during their regular Sunday morning Zoom session with the Indonesian Buddhist Family in NYC.
Bhante Pamutto speaks on Sacca Parami – the Practice and Perfection of Truth, with stories, examples and tips for developing this vital quality. The lengthy Q&A session after includes insights from both monastics further developing the theme.

Bhante Jayāsara and MaggaSekha

Meet Bhante Jayasāra. After years of lay dhamma practice, he ordained at Bhavana Society in West Virginia under the legendary Sri Lankan forest monk Bhante Gunaratana. Almost immediately he found himself teaching and helping lead the community. After four years, he has stepped away from those responsibilities to travel around, visiting other monasteries and learning what he can from the larger tradition. He is currently at the Indonesian Buddhist Family Vihara in Queens, NYC.

Bhante J was one of the first monastics to see the potential in internet teaching. His online community, which you can visit and be a part of at www.maggasekha.org, spans several platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Discord and Second Life. He’s giving teachings and available seven days a week, including informal ‘office hours’ where you can ask whatever questions you might have, and the Monday evening ‘Dhammapalooza’ two hour interactive teaching event.

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