Mettāpharaṇa – Suffusion with Divine Abidings

[Ahaṃ sukhito homi,] niddukkho homi, avero homi, abyāpajjho
homi, anīgho homi, sukhī attānaṃ pariharāmi.

Sabbe sattā sukhitā hontu,  averā hontu,
abyāpajjhā hontu, anīghā hontu, sabbe sattā sukhī
attānaṃ pariharantu.

Sabbe sattā sabbadukkhā pamuccantu.

Sabbe sattā laddha-sampattito mā vigacchantu.

Sabbe sattā kammassakā kammadāyādā kammayonī
kammabandhū kammapaṭisaraṇā, yaṃ kammaṃ karissanti,
kalyāṇaṃ vā pāpakaṃ vā, tassa dāyādā bhavissanti.


[May I abide in well-being,]
in freedom from affliction,
in freedom from hostility,
in freedom from ill-will,
in freedom from anxiety,
and may I maintain well-being in myself.

May all beings abide in well-being,
In freedom from hostility,
In freedom from ill-will,
In freedom from anxiety, and may they
Maintain well-being in themselves.

May all beings be released from all suffering.
May they not be parted from the good fortune
they have attained.

All beings are the owners of their kamma.  They are born from their kamma, related to their kamma, and have their kamma as their refuge.
All actions with intention – whether skillful or harmful – of such acts they will be the heirs.

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