From January to September, 2022, Tahn Pamutto was in residence in Shelburne, MA.  He is now wandering, and not in a stable location.  It is still possible to reach out and offer to coordinate a meal, but until he or other monastics settle somewhere, there will be no ongoing dana calendar.

How to Support Sangha

At the moment, the best ways to support Upavana’s growing mission to build Buddhist practice community is:

  • Help feed the Monastics!  Check the next section on this page for more info.
  • Help find a home:  Upavana has a few places available for monastics to stay, but no permanent home.  If you know of land, property, or space that may be suitable in the Pioneer Valley, please contact us at
  • Shelter Fund:  Financial support to Upavana will help cover heating and housing costs through the winter.
  • Amazon Wish List:  these are items that could be useful to the Sangha at this time.

Our current mailing address is:


PO Box 152

Wendell, MA  01379

May you be well and happy!

Current Sangha:  

During 2022, Tahn Pamutto was centered around a small community in Shelburne, MA and was supported by a very generous group of local families and friends.

He is now wandering, working towards helping Upavana in acquiring a property that can serve as a stable basis for a similar and more active community.

If you have any suggestions, or would like to support this effort, please contact at

Upavana Foundation

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