Tahn Pamutto

Tahn Pamutto received full ordination at Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery in Redwood Valley, CA in 2010. He spent the next five years in monasteries in the Ajahn Chah branch of the ‘Thai Forest’ tradition. In 2015 he traveled to Temple Forest Monastery in Temple, NH. From here he began a period of solo wandering and practice of the ‘dhutanga’ austeries which brought him down into the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. He wandered in this region for three years until a bout with Lymes Disease in 2018 forced him to disrobe and concentrate on his health.

In 2020 Tahn received ordination again with a preceptor from Wat Vajiradhammapadip in Long Island, NY. He has been back in Western Mass since May of 2021.

Tahn Pamutto is a founding member of Upavana and hopes to use his intimate knowledge of the Buddhist communities of the area to create a network of practice and support. He also has ties to a number of other American monastics and online communities, in addition to connections to the Indonesian Buddhist Family and Wat Thai Thavorn in Queens, NYC.