Bhante Jayasāra Departs

After two months together, Bhante Jayasāra departs from the Queens Vihara and his close assocation with Upavana. Bhante J is setting off for the rural community outside his first monastery Bhavana Society, where he will spend time in nature and prepare for a coming year of travelling and seeing other Buddhist monastic communities.

It’s good to have congenial companions in the holy life, and Bhante J is an easy-going and metta-filled friend. His departure saw quite an outpouring of goodwill from the Indonesian community who supported, and in turn were supported by, him over the last four months.

Bhante J and his online community,, brought a lot of fresh and enthusiastic voices to Upavana events, and likewise Bhante Pamutto was able to join in for MaggaSekkha’s Monday night teachings.

The Queens vihara is much quieter this evening, but such things do not last. For those who enjoy the dhamma are likely to cross paths again in the future. Until then!