Supporting Upavana

Dana, a Pāli word for Generosity and the act of Giving, is a source of happiness available to everyone.   Upavana Foundation, Inc. is a registered 501.c3 Non-profit, whose mission is to support Buddhist community in it’s local area of Western Massachusetts and abroad through online offerings.

Upavana is currently supporting one monastic teacher, with two more monastics on the way and a growing lay community in western Massachusetts.

There are many ways to support Upavana. One way is through a Meal Offering. See the Local Center page for more info.

For physical needs, Upavana has an Amazon Wish List. These are suggestions of things that can be helpful. Some are exact, but most are general and similar items would work. If you would like to offer something you can ship, or order from a different seller, just contact by email so we can remove it from the list.

Donorbox, below, allows for offering funds to support future projects and help pay overhead costs. It is also possible to offer gift cards to online sellers like Amazon or EBay to These gift cards allow for the purchase of day-to-day items to support Upavana monastics and facilities.

We’re on Venmo: @Upavana-Foundation

Do you want to be a part of Upavana? Would you be interested in participating in a Theravada Buddhist practice community? Do you know a location where monastics could be housed or where meditations and teachings can be held?  Contact us at