Family Group Resources

Resources for Buddhist Family Groups

This page is a collection of resources designed to help inspire or facilitate your own Buddhist family group! We are happy to share our lesson plans and experiences, and feel free to send your own!

Unless otherwise stated, this material was designed for a mixed group of children and parents.  If you are looking to start a Sunday school or class, the material itself might still be useful while the lesson plan might not.

Introduction – Starting a Family Group

Lesson Plans – courtesy Santigāmā Family Group

The Ten Paramī’s

Introduction to Developing Perfections of Character

Sīla – Virtue

Nekkhama – Renunciation

Khanti – Patience

Mettā – Goodwill

Karunā – Compassion

Upekkhā -Equanimity

Viriyā – Energy

Sacca – Truth

Adhiṭṭhāna – Determination

Pañña – Wisdom

Dānā – Generosity

Closing Assignment – have everyone pick one of the parami’s and spend the week working on it.  When you come back together each talk about your experience.


The Brahma Vihara’s






The Four Noble Truths

Introduction to the Four Noble Truths

The First Noble Truth:  Dukkha


Essential Concepts



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