Goodbye to Shelburne, For Now

Since the first of the year, Tahn Pamutto has been in residence in a spacious and well-equipped apartment generously offered in the town of Shelburne, not far from the Vipassana Meditation Center.  During this time most of the online broadcasts have come from that location and there were many daylongs and even a weeklong retreat in person.  Tahn Pamutto has now moved on from this location, and is back to a period of wandering to help scout for new opportunities in Western and Central Massachusetts.

Our immense gratitude to the owners Jonathan and Carolyn and the friends and supporters who gathered around to provide for Tahn Pamutto’s needs so that Upavana could continue to offer free dhamma programs and grow!

The previously planned Days of Mindfulness every Saturday in September will now have an in-person location of Princeton, MA.  Please reach out if you are interested to join.  Other than that, the online programs will continue much as they have, broadcasted from whatever living room or wi-fi hotspot is available.


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