Retreat Postponed, Talk tonight

One of the core concepts of being a monastic is developing a continuity and rhythm in our lives.  This allows us to stay balanced and more easily discern the ‘worldly winds’, the natural ups and downs of life.  One of the worldly winds we’ve been observing the last week is the need for people around us to get in a few last vacations, trips or fairs before the school season starts!  Town has been a lot quieter lately!

Because of a lack of ability to participate, the planned online retreat “The Citta Saṇkhāra” will be postponed.  If you are still interested in this retreat and would like to participate in making arrangements, please reach out to [email protected]

Tonight the planned opening talk for the retreat will still be given at 9pm EST.  In addition, rather than a closed retreat, open Zoom meditations will be hosted through Saturday and Sunday in the Upavana ZOOM.  These will occur at these times:

6-7 am EST

9-10am EST

3-4pm EST

7-8 pm EST