Talks: Nibbidā Daylong Retreat

(Morning) For the morning session of the Nibbidā daylong, Tahn Pamutto reviews a variety of sources to help narrow down a definition and experience of Nibbidā or Disenchantment. This important state is the gateway to enlightenment and is referred to throughout the pāli canon. But rather than an activity to be done it is the culmination of that which we do, and experiencing true disenchantment requires learning to see things as they really are.

(Afternoon)  After a Q&A session with the participants (not recorded), Tahn Pamutto continues the afternoon session of the Nibbidā/Disenchantment retreat with a few core examples from the pāli canon. The principle used in the morning’s guided meditation can be applied to individual things we have lingering attachments to, but the Buddha’s advice is to learn to apply the characteristics of existence to broad categories of experience, like the Five Aggregates, the Six Sense Bases, the four Asavā’s, and Views.

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