On May 2nd, after over four months staying with the Indonesian Buddhist Family of NY, Tahn Pamutto will be departing and heading back to the woods of Massachusetts. Not enough can be said about the kindness and generosity of the community in NYC! This has been a wonderful experience and Tahn’s only regret is that he’ll be leaving just as the community is getting vaccinated and is beginning to think about gathering in person again.

The Vihara’s Sunday online event will be cancelled this week to allow for a community gathering in Albany, NY, but will resume again on Apr 25.

With the transition from the city back to the forest, the flavor of Upavana’s posts and offerings will begin to shift towards it’s original goal – to support the founding of a practice community in the Theravada Forest tradition style. Tahn will begin May by returning to the practice of wandering in order to meet local practitioners and establish lines of communication. The online offerings are expected to continue, though they are going to be accompanied with in-person sittings wherever Tahn might be – until a more stable location for the summer is found.

Expect to see more photos of the transition and journey and feel free to join the online offerings every Wednesday, Friday, and Lunar Observance – the best support is your practice!

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