Undestanding Vipassana and Samatha

Last night Upavana hosted it’s first in-person Uposatha session, with a great turnout both from online regulars and friends in the area of Shelburne, MA. The Uposatha is the traditional time for Buddhist laypeople and monastics alike to gather, commit to their precepts, and share dhamma. It will be one of the first main in-person offerings for Upavana during this time while Tahn Pamutto is floating around, and will be hosted in a variety of places until a location is found for a center for the summer.

To mark the occasion, Tahn Pamutto gave a very informative and descriptive talk on Vipassana practice as it is experienced in meditation, and how understanding its relationship to samatha or calming meditation allows us to take it to its conclusion.

Following the talk is about 15 minutes of questions and answers from the group.


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