Giving Tuesday

Upavana | Facebook

For those who have been interested in supporting Upavana and its growing mission to nurture buddhist community locally and abroad: this coming Tuesday, starting at 8am EST, is Giving Tuesday on Facebook. This fundraiser is a once-a-year event where Facebook will match all donations given to 501.c3 Non-profit’s like Upavana. All donations are tax-deductible.

Even if you don’t use Facebook, it’s possible to make donations and check our wish list on the Support Page.

This year, the cause is: Please support Upavana Foundation with it’s Shelter Fund, which will help pay for expanded living accommodations for monastics in Western Mass. These facilities are not simply hermitages but will allow the monastics to receive guests, host meditations, and broadcast online dhamma activities. Help us create safe spaces for dhamma practice to grow!