Author name: Tahn Pamutto

Why the Suffering, Mate?

Hanging out with Buddhist monastics is not always what one might consider uplifting. The conversation will start amicably enough, the weather or what so-and-so said, but it’s really just a matter of time before it wanders into areas where most casual conversations abruptly die. Aging, sickness, death, and loss. Inevitably, the conversation will move to

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Sickness and Health

Vihara Parivara Dhamma’s weekly Sunday morning program. This week’s topic: “Sickness and Health” by Bhante Pamutto. “I am of the nature to sicken, I have not gone beyond sickness.” This is something the Buddha encourages us to reflect upon every day, to develop wisdom into the realities of life. Yet how do we do this,

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Unwavering Support

Lots of gratitude to the generous and devoted community here at Parivara Dhamma. Even in the midst of a blizzard that has otherwise closed the city down, the monks were able to eat and maintain the strength for another day and night of practice. Where better than your local temple to spend a snow day?

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January Update

For most of my monastic life, January has been a time of moving inward. Many monastic communities see this as the necessary time for deep retreat; with cold temperatures and long nights the conditions seem perfect for lots of formal practice. So it’s been a pleasant break from the norm to see the birth of

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