Transcript : Refuges

Tea time chat transcript – Comments on Refuge Tahn Pamutto:  “Well, I mean, “refuge” is really, in some ways, it is an awkward word to use for the concept, because it’s very multifaceted. So as far as we can pin it down, refuge is about the sasana, the “religious” part of Buddhism. So as long […]

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Degrees of Freedom

[This talk was also given as a dhamma talk at the Long Island Buddhist Meditation Center.  The video recording can be found on facebook at: ] My dhamma name, Pamutto, comes from the root of a very common word: Mutti. Mutti means freedom. Since freedom is so essential to the Buddhist path it’s a

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Finding Emptiness

The Sāsana is what the Buddha called the religion or dispensation that began forming nearly from the moment he attained enlightenment. It is a word that encompasses not just him as a person and a teacher but also his teaching, the dhamma, and how that dhamma has survived in the hearts and minds of those

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