Drinking from a Fire Hose

There is a condition for the arising of the Noble Eightfold path, namely: ‘The voice of another.’ A normal, uninstructed, worldly person is completely dependent on others to point the way to truth. ‘The voice of another’ refers to encountering the True Dhamma – whether spoken, written, or in some other form. Without encountering truth, …

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Degrees of Freedom

[This talk was also given as a dhamma talk at the Long Island Buddhist Meditation Center.  The video recording can be found on facebook at: ] My dhamma name, Pamutto, comes from the root of a very common word: Mutti. Mutti means freedom. Since freedom is so essential to the Buddhist path it’s a …

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Finding Emptiness

The Sāsana is what the Buddha called the religion or dispensation that began forming nearly from the moment he attained enlightenment. It is a word that encompasses not just him as a person and a teacher but also his teaching, the dhamma, and how that dhamma has survived in the hearts and minds of those …

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Series: The Foundations of Mindfulness pt 3

The Foundations of Mindfulness: Satipatthana Sutta Majjhima Nikaya 10 Transcript of an eight-week presentation 2022 by Tahn Pamutto Part Three: Body “The reason we’re doing mindfulness and the reason that it’s so focused on what can be experienced objectively is because mindfulness counteracts ignorance”   (opening meditation guidance) Sitting in meditation, a lot of our …

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