Unwavering Support

Lots of gratitude to the generous and devoted community here at Parivara Dhamma. Even in the midst of a blizzard that has otherwise closed the city down, the monks were able to eat and maintain the strength for another day and night of practice. Where better than your local temple to spend a snow day?

The Refuge of Dhamma

Following on from Bhante J’s talk last Sunday (link coming soon) on the Qualities of Dhamma, Vihara Parivara Dhamma has produced professionally captured and edited dhamma talks to share. Tahn Pamutto speaks on the Dhamma, beginning with an introduction to the Theravada Pali Canon and culminating in an explanation of the higher dhamma we wake …

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Contemplating Death

There are these four thoroughbred horses, the Buddha starts one sutta in the Anguttara Nikaya. One need see only the shadow of a whip and he becomes energetic, ready to work, ready to train. Another ignores the shadow, but it roused when he hears its crack or feels it rush by. Another, refusing to be …

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Discussion Around Truth

The most fruitful dhamma explorations, I find, are the ones that are delved into communally – the ongoing dialogue among seekers that allows us to push beyond our limited understandings to explore themes too vast to be encompassed by just one viewpoint. This week’s exploration has been around speech, and the unimpeachable value of Truth. …

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The Uposatha

In the Buddha’s time, people of many faiths were already keeping a sabbath on the Full and New Moons, called observing the Uposatha. When they requested that the Buddha also lay out an observance for this holy day, the Buddha described the practice of taking the 8 Precepts for a day and a night. Doing …

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Sacca Parami: Truthfulness

See Bhante Pamutto and Bhante Jarasara during their regular Sunday morning Zoom session with the Indonesian Buddhist Family in NYC. Bhante Pamutto speaks on Sacca Parami – the Practice and Perfection of Truth, with stories, examples and tips for developing this vital quality. The lengthy Q&A session after includes insights from both monastics further developing …

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