Body Parts Contemplation

Tahn Pamutto provides a thorough instruction in the aspect of Mindfulness of the Body known as the ’32 Parts’ Contemplation or ‘Asubha’. This technique is powerful, direct, and in its more basic form using the first five parts is a meditation technique even given to children. Taking these first five parts and drawing from the …

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Emptiness is not Empty

Tahn Pamutto continues reflecting on the practice of cultivating Emptiness. In the early stages it’s just like any other method of cultivating mindfulness by continually bringing the mind back to its focus. What is different is the reflection that underpins it all – the five aggregates are all constructions and additions to what is actually …

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Emptiness and Fullness

Tahn Pamutto opens the daylong reflecting on Emptiness: where the idea comes from, what it has developed into, and how to begin working to understand it experientially. We seek Emptiness because we recognize we are full to the brim – with thoughts, emotions, habits and stories. It’s not that there isn’t space in-between these things, …

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Degrees of Freedom

[This talk was also given as a dhamma talk at the Long Island Buddhist Meditation Center.  The video recording can be found on facebook at: ] My dhamma name, Pamutto, comes from the root of a very common word: Mutti. Mutti means freedom. Since freedom is so essential to the Buddhist path it’s a …

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