Camping Retreat

The Upavana group camping retreat wrapped up last weekend.  It was a success!  The weather was great and the community of friends that gathered to meditate, eat, hike, and discuss ...
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Fridays Evenings Cancelled

After a seven month run, Upavana's Friday evening meditation will be stopping for now.  With good weather having Tahn Pamutto and the other monastics roaming about western massachusetts with little ...
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Retreat Postponed, Talk tonight

One of the core concepts of being a monastic is developing a continuity and rhythm in our lives.  This allows us to stay balanced and more easily discern the 'worldly ...
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Journey Continues

Back in May, Tahn Pamutto was just returning to Massachusetts and beginning the process of reconnecting with friends and Buddhists throughout the pioneer valley. It had only been a few ...
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True Distinction

There is no distinction to be found in the world of having. No matter how much you have, you could always have more. No matter how many people you exceed ...
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The Beauty of Sangha

When I first embarked on the spiritual journey I had all sorts of ideas about what it would be like. My first inspiration was to put on a backpack and ...
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