New Venue, Same Mission

Tahn Pamutto has returned to Western Mass, and after a month of relative quiet Upavana is now back to having ...
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Back Online

Tahn Pamutto is back in the MA area, and the Upavana site and Facebook are likely to see more use ...
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Lay Sangha Chat

Lay Sangha chat tonight!   In the spirit of the weekly Wednesday tea-times, every half moon the Upavana zoom channel ...
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Uposatha – “Spiritual Growth”

The biweekly Uposatha program will be hosted tonight from NYC and broadcast online through Zoom. Tahn Pamutto will be joined ...
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Uposatha Talk: Spiritual Growth

For the Uposatha Tahn Pamutto is joined by Tan Santi at Vihara Parivara Dhamma Acala for a joint dhamma reflection on the subject of Spiritual Growth. The ability to change, ...
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Talk: Taṇha – Craving for Existence

We had a lot of friends join for the Uposatha program last night. Marking the occasion, Tahn Pamutto offered a reflection on one of the central aspects of the Buddha's ...
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Mettā Week

The recordings of the mettā weeklong working retreat can be found on the 'Innovative Dhamma' YouTube channel.  Each session is an hour long, including an opening homage, 45 minute meditation, ...
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