Reflecting on Spontaneity

This talk by Tahn Pamutto was given on the Uposatha in New York City, September 2022: Namo tassa bhagavato, arahato ...
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Bhava Daylong transcript pt 1

Gratitude to LR who transcribed part one of the Bhava Daylong (see also part two): All right, friends. So this ...
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Talk: The Jhana Factors

On this Uposatha evening, Tahn Pamutto reflects on the Eighth Factor of the Eightfold Path - that of Samadhi. Samadhi ...
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Bhava Daylong transcript pt 2

The following transcript of the afternoon session of the Bhava daylong was prepared by LR: Bhava, Part Two (Afternoon Session) ...
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Unproductive Kammax by LR


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