Talk: Mudita

On the Uposatha, Tahn Pamutto gives a reflection on the brahma-vihara of Mudita. This mind state translates as 'Gladness' or ...
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Upavana Spring Newsletter

Upavana's spring newsletter has just posted.  You can find it here: ...
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Talk: The Four Duties

On the Uposatha night, a sick Tahn Pamutto gives a reflection on how we can come to understand the ups ...
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Family Group: Adhitthāna

This week for the family group we covered the paramī of adhitthāna. This is a quality which like Khanti straddles ...
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Talk: Four Foundations of Mindfulness

In this Uposatha talk, Tahn Pamutto provides encouragement in developing mindfulness, an essential component of the eightfold path, and describes ...
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