Finding a Retreat

Winter is a good time for formal practice. The days are short; the nights are long. The weather is cold ...
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Drawing Sangha Together

Tahn Pamutto is in NYC this month. This means that while all Upavana’s regular online programming will continue, there aren’t ...
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Wednesday Chat and Meditation

Community Tea and Meditation Tonight: In half an hour, our regular Wednesday program begins with an hour of informal tea ...
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Tonight is the New Moon, and our regular uposatha gathering will be starting at 8pm EST via zoom with a ...
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Talk: Seeing Views

On the Uposatha, Tahn Pamutto discusses attachment to views, what that looks like and how we might try to chart a course through the world without relying on them. While ...
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Keeping the Fire Lit

“Oh, the one who first taught you the Buddha’s dhamma and his ways - like brahmins keep a sacred fire lit Ever give them thanks and praise!” Dhammapada v.392 Winter ...
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Talk: Path of Peace

In this Uposatha evening reflection, Tahn Pamutto draws from a Dhammapada reference to the path of practice as a 'Path of Peace'. Though we begin by charting a course to ...
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