Supporting Buddhist Practice

The goal of Upavana is to support the founding of a Theravada Buddhist practice community in Western Massachusetts, as well as support practitioners wherever they are through various online offerings.


Finding Our Center

Last night during the tea time another perennial question came up – how are we supposed to relate to the differences between the Buddhist traditions, and which practices should we ...
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Three Refuges and Eight Precepts

This is one example of the formal ceremony for requesting the Three Refuges and Eight Precepts, as is done every Uposatha observance.  A representative of the gathered community will make ...
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Practice with Family

At times it feels like there are two different narratives going on around spiritual practice - the clear, direct, meditative path of becoming peaceful and serene like a Buddha statue; ...
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Online Programs

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There are currently no planned online-centric retreats.  The upcoming in-person retreat, Jul 30-Aug 1, will include meditation instructions and dhamma talks, and these will be available live through YouTube.

Western Mass

A listing of activities Upavana is supporting or participating in locally in Western Mass.  Find out more about the Upavana project on our About page.

Meditation Groups

Wendell Senior Center – Every Sunday, 8:30 – 9:30 am

Events & Retreats

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Upavana’s mission of supporting practitioners extends to nurturing and providing resources for the monastic Sangha. 

To learn more about supporting Upavana and other practitioners, including offering dana and requesting chanting, click here.