Dividing Time

The website and online front of Upavana have been pretty quiet and dusty the last two weeks. As when this ...
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The vassa is now fully over, and monastics are back to traveling freely and seeking the most suitable places to ...
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Tea with Tahn tonight, Uposatha Tomorrow

Feel free to join us tonight at 7 pm EDT for an informal tea-time dhamma chat followed by group meditation ...
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Visit to BCBS

Today Pamutto Bhikkhu, Bhante Sumano, and Tahn Tānakāro were at Barre Center for Buddhist Studies. Their friend and neighbor Christopher ...
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Autumn is now fully upon us, and we are quickly approaching the Kattika full moon of October. This moon is particularly significant for monastics. It marks the end of our ...
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Talk: Patterns of Life

In this lively Uposatha session, Tahn Pamutto, Santi, Sumano, and Tānakāro were hosted by the community at Vihara Parivara Dhamma Acala. Tahn Pamutto addresses the group with a Dhamma reflection ...
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Look Inside an Ordination

MOVIE: CHANTING            MOVIE:  CHANTING Tahn Tanakaro and Bhante Sumano began their journey in Empty Cloud monastery last year, but even though they found themselves ordaining in Wat ...
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