Upcoming Meditation Retreat

Despite many planning hurdles, everything is coming together for our first meditation retreat. It will be held this weekend, starting with an opening talk and the taking of the Refuges ...
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Upcoming Retreat

The weekend after next, June 25-27, Upavana will hold it's first meditation retreat. The retreat will be held in person for a small group, and also available online for those ...
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New Moon Uposatha

Today is the Uposatha, meaning this evening there will be our online program starting at 8pm EDT with meditation, precepts and dhamma talk. Enthusiastic meditators can stay after for additional ...
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Finding Our Center

Last night during the tea time another perennial question came up – how are we supposed to relate to the differences between the Buddhist traditions, and which practices should we ...
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Practice with Family

At times it feels like there are two different narratives going on around spiritual practice - the clear, direct, meditative path of becoming peaceful and serene like a Buddha statue; ...
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Can Laypeople Become Enlightened?

Recently I was traveling with a friend when I was asked a perennial Theravada Buddhist question – “Can laypeople become arahants?” It’s a fairly sophisticated question, requiring a knowledge of ...
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